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10 NLP techniques

Practical NLP Techniques and Tips

NLP is famous for its range of techniques. It has techniques for changing and improving just about anything you do!We aim to be a source of free, interesting, stimulating and, occasionally, humorous or provocative NLP information, ideas and methods.

We have been online since 1998 and running NLP training courses for about 30 years so there is a lot of free to read information here – over 100 articles in fact. That’s why we have arranged them in seven sections.

Our articles are in website 7 sections

To make it easier to find what you want we have sorted the articles into seven sections on this site. This sorting hasn’t been strict or fixed – it’s a bit arbitrary because some articles span a few categories. So if you don’t find what you want in one section check the others; many articles simply refused to be categorised!

  1. Communicating with others Tips and insights into how we can improve how we communicate with others
  2. Managing your moods and emotions 1 How to use NLP to manage our moods and emotional reactions. Lots of articles so they are on two pages – this is Page 1.
  3. Managing your moods and emotion 2 And this is… Page 2.
  4. NLP in the workplace How NLP can be applied in the work – in managing, leading, team development, and in your career.
  5. NLP skills and techniques Some articles explaining the ‘core skills’ which enable NLP techniques to work well
  6. Goals, outcomes and motivation There is a lot more to goals than SMART objectives. This section details the kind of precision that NLP brings to designing and implementing goals and objectives
  7. ‘Won’t neatly fit into a category!’ Some articles which don’t fit neatly into any of the above categories.

NLP techniques: tips of icebergs…

Bear in mind that NLP techniques are designed to be supported by a lot of subtle skills such rapport, calibration, language patterns, anchoring, belief preparation, etc. It’s these skills which make a technique fly rather than works for some situations but not for others.


What is the fastest way to learn and be able to effectively apply NLP techniques?

To quickly learn NLP techniques, read up from reference sources. Information nowadays is very easily accessible, even for something such as NLP.
I have seen people who don't have any sort of NLP certification that know better NLP than people who do have certification, which just goes to show how much you can learn from books on the matter.
If you feel that you've learnt all you can from books, go ahead and sign up for an NLP program, where you not only learn by learning, but learn by doing.

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