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Best NLP Coaching review

The Best NLP Books For Therapy And Changework

Transforming Your SelfTransforming Your Self: Becoming Who You Want To Be by Steve Andreas

Steve and Connirae Andreas were responsible for making readable books out of Bandler and Grinder’s early seminar transcripts – the clarity of their editing style becomes apparent when you compare with some of Bandler and Grinder’s later solo efforts.Steve Andreas has now turned his wisdom and clarity of thought to the problem of self-concept (how we see ourselves, and how we know that we have particular qualities) and how self-esteem is derived from it. The result is this magnificent book, the implications of which will continue to reverberate through the worlds of therapy, coaching and emotional intelligence for some time to come.The book is once again in the form of a seminar transcript, with practical exercises at every step of the way. It gives you a complete ‘how-to’ guide for strengthening self-concept, how to ‘tune up’ your sense of yourself as having a particular quality such as kindness, how to become at once stronger and more sensitive and open to feedback, how to be more sure of yourself and less judgemental of others, how to transform unwanted qualities, and even how to install a new desired quality from scratch.I based a module of my Master Practitioner courses on the concepts and interventions in this book, and they worked exactly as the book predicted.

One slight caveat: the title implies a self-help book, but I would say that at least some familiarity with NLP would be needed to get the most out of the exercises. I would say this book is a must for both therapists and coaches!

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Heart of the Mind NLP bookGet the Kindle version: UK | US | Canada | Australia | Rest of the world

The Rainbow Machine: Tales From A Neurolinguist’s Journal by Andrew T Austin

‘With hindsight, maybe dressing up as Satan was a step too far, but sometimes I just cannot resist. !Time Line Therapy She’s a psychiatrist! Do it!! Do the session dressed as Satan!!”‘

If you like that extract, then you’ll love this book. It’s a series of bite-sized articles, case studies and “tales from a neurolinguist’s journal” drawn from Austin’s practice as a hypnotherapist and former career as a psychiatric nurse.

The book comes with heavyweight endorsement from the likes of Steve Andreas and Bill O’Hanlon, who describes Austin as ‘the British Milton Erickson’ – although given the degree of irreverence for the psychiatric establishment and the willingness to satirise some elements of the NLP community, “the British Richard Bandler” might be a little bit closer to conveying the flavour of the book.

The Rainbow Machine Using Your Brain For A Change Magic In Action Big Book of NLP Techniques

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