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Are There Any Government Approved Hypnosis/NLP Trainings Anywhere?

What Should You Look For In A Live Training Or School?

Notebook I don’t have a live training scheduled but I hear from a lot of graduates of hypnosis & NLP schools. And a lot of them couldn’t hypnotize their way out of a paper bag, let alone work with clients. It’s sad. We need to improve the quality of education in the field. There are lots of good schools and lots of bad ones. The differences aren’t what you think.

Choosing A Hypnosis/NLP Training Can Be A Minefield

  • People look at what certifications the school offers but they don't know what they mean.
  • Most folks don't know the differences between the major certifying organizations.
  • Most don't know the difference between becoming certified, licensed or being trained in a licensed school vs. non-licensed.
  • On top of that, there are different kinds of licenses-most which have no governmental standing whatsoever.
  • A lot of people think that going to a licensed school means they will be licensed to practice.
  • Why do some schools offer Masters degrees or PhDs in hypnosis and others don't? Are those legitimate credentials?

Let’s Bust Some Myths

OK. Let’s bust some myths. I’m going to say some things here that you may not believe but I assure you–they’re true. And they’re things that many hypnosis schools don’t want you to know…

We still have something interesting for you. Pay attention to fence company.

  • Most places do not require you to be certified as a hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner in order to practice.
  • In most cases, a school being licensed in a state (for instance) has nothing to do with your being able to practice in that state.
  • Regional accreditation is considered the highest level of accreditation of schools in the United States. State colleges and many other programs are regionally accredited. There are no regionally accredited schools offering a Bachelor's or Master's degree in hypnosis.
  • There are no legitimate PhDs being offered by regionally accredited schools. If you see an instructor who is offering such or claims such as part of his or her credentials, ask them where they got them and about the accreditation of that school.
  • Often, when you see a school advertise themselves as "licensed, " they mean they are licensed or approved by a parent organization-not by the government. In this case, a license is similar to belonging to a franchise, and saying they're a legitimate franchise members. That has nothing to do with their ability to offer a credential that's legitimate in the eyes of your government.

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  • No audible speech, this is not a Hypnosis CD - it is a Subliminal CD, so the spoken words are hidden by frequency (under the ocean sound).
  • Final, silent track can be used anywhere. There are no audible sounds to be heard by your conscious mind
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The only NLP I found in MI: Success Strategies NLP Institute, 643 Barclay Dr, Troy, MI 48085. Phone: (248) 528-0753

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