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Gold Sheets Middle Market

Monthly reporting and analysis of market trends, including pricing, structure, tenor and industry segments, with a specific focus on the middle market.

Thomson Reuters LPC Annual

The essential reference guide featuring global historic information and comprehensive yearly-loan market analysis.

Gold Sheets Daily

A PDF newsletter delivered via email by 6am each business day: vital information to stay ahead of the game.

basis point

Weekly reporting and analysis of market trends covering pricing, structure, tenor and industry segments in the Asia-Pacific region.Gold_Sheets_Middle_Market League Tables rank lenders by volume and number of deals.

Thomson Reuters basis point Annual

From the editorial staff of basis point – the essential reference guide featuring global historic information and comprehensive yearly-loan market analysis.

European LoanMarketPulse

A weekly feature that highlights trends and noteworthy deals in the European market from the previous week.

LPC_Annual Gold_Sheets_Daily Basispt1stpg secondary_market_pulse

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Are there any loan forgiveness or repayment options open to LLPC or LPC's (licensed professional counselors)? | Yahoo Answers

Not that I'm aware. Unless you go work as a headstart teacher, police officer or with the developmentally delayed and a few others. Contact your lender to see what occupations they will offer forgiveness on the loans. Stafford loans are in general more difficult to get discharged than perkins and these rules don't apply for private loans.
There is one program set up for public service occuptions, but you have to make 10 years worth of payments to qualify for it. Not exactly something thats set up to actually DO anything, because the federal loans are set up to be paid back on 10 years.…

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