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Defined Continuing personal development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

IBMS CPD logoThe IBMS CPD scheme encourages members to maintain, improve and extend their knowledge, skills and practice for the purpose of maintaining Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

How to join IBMS

The IBMS CPD scheme is a benefit of membership available free to all its members. If you would like to become a member of the Institute and enjoy this and other benefits of IBMS membership then please visit the join page or contact the IBMS office on 020 7713 0214.

About continuing professional development

What is continuing professional development?
Continuing professional development (CPD) is a process of lifelong learning, which enables you to expand and fulfil your personal and professional potential, meet the present and future needs of patients and deliver health outcomes and priorities. IBMS CPD assures that you meet the requisite knowledge and skills levels that relate to your evolving scope of professional practice.

How does continuing professional development benefit you?
The IBMS CPD scheme offers you the chance to reflect on and shape your learning and development, not only for the present but also for any future progression.

There are many benefits of lifelong learning with the IBMS CPD scheme and some examples are highlighted below:

  • Broadening your knowledge base and acquiring new skills for safe and effective practice
  • Supporting renewal of your registration with the HCPC
  • Encouraging reflective practice
  • Increasing your job satisfaction by promotion of professional ideas and new initiatives
  • Enhancing your curriculum vitae
  • Providing a benchmark for your performance appraisal.

When recruiting staff, one of the selection criteria employers may adopt is a demonstration of active involvement in CPD. An up-to-date portfolio is an excellent way for you to demonstrate this.

How does continuing professional development benefit the patient?
CPD is crucial in delivering the best possible service and using it to the maximum benefit of the patients – providing support and proof of clinical governance.

By adopting a lifelong learning approach through the IBMS CPD scheme, you can ensure that your knowledge and skills keep pace with new thinking and techniques.

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How to continue your personal development.? | Yahoo Answers

You just do, you will see what happens for you personally when you reach that point. I have found myself, for example, more interested in history than I ever have been my entire life. I hated history in school, very bored with it. :) Now I can't get enough of it, also physics. I'm sure how it is taught has a LOT to do with it.
I am a visual learner however, and some kids have a disadvantage in school when reading, I don't retain much when I read especially if the material I am reading is very boring. I retain some, but not as much as when I see a documentary.
Anyway, you will come upo…

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