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Pharmacist Personal Development | Alphega Pharmacy

Personal developmentWe have produced a comprehensive suite of critically researched, pharmacy lead interventions for your personal and business development.

Alphega Pharmacy Development Programme

This programme allows you, with help from us, to analyse your business, create an overarching Business Plan, identify areas of development for you and your business, draw up action plans and then implement them.

It is a powerful tool that allows our members to shape their future thinking about the direction of their business and more importantly gives them the framework to achieve this.

Business Mentor visits

Our Business Mentors are a lynch pin, in what makes our relationship with members so successful. Between them they have many years of experience working in community pharmacy, running their own businesses, working in retail and within sales and commercial functions.

Your Business Mentor will work closely with you supporting, guiding and assisting you with any aspects of your business.

Member testimonials

“Our Business Mentor supported me and my team through a very difficult time. The advice and support she gave me were invaluable in enabling me to develop my team, understand their strengths and weakness and create a really happy working environment which in turn, was instrumental in helping me to develop my business.”


We offer an extensive choice of guides, all of which have been written exclusively for our members. Their purpose is to provide you with all the information, documents, templates, SOPs etc that you need to cover all ares of your business.

Our guides include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures Guide
  • Dispensing Operations Guide
  • How to manage your finances…Guide
  • How to...recruit and select your people Guide
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