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17 Tips for A Successful Personal Trainer Business


Running a successful Personal Training business can be accomplished if you follow these 17 tips! If you are entering the profession of a personal training, it is a time of growth and opportunity. Awareness of the benefits of personal training has been expanding for over a decade, as is the client market. This increased opportunity is accompanied by a huge influx of new personal trainers into the industry, which means increased competition.

1). To begin the journey of a successful personal trainer start with the important questions of what kind of training you are going to provide and what type of clientele are you going to service.

These decisions contain several elements including:

  • Where are you going to conduct your personal training business?
  • Will you have a specialized population you will serve, i.e. seniors, young athletes?
  • Will Personal Training be a part time or full time career for you?
  • What type of Personal Trainer Certification will you choose?
  • Will you be required to have Professional Liability Insurance?

There are as many opportunities in the personal trainer field as there are places to train your clients. Places of training include in-home, outdoors, private studios, parks and recreation centers, corporate office, and health clubs. Consider the geography of your city or town and any special limitations you might have. If you live in a densely populated city, in-home training is done more easily, as your travel time and convenience of settings is much more manageable.

Sometimes, training in a condominium or apartment complex can maximize your training time allowing you to train several clients within close proximity without traveling. If you live in rural area, or a less populated city, you still want to look for opportunities where several clients within the same proximity can be trained.

Look for areas where you will have the greatest number of clients available in as small an area as possible. You might want to consider targeting a health club, community center, or park district to work with your clients. For a new trainer, significant travel time between clients can be expensive and inefficient.

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