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Individual personal and professional development Plan

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Setting goals can help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars become more intentional about their educational experiences. The best goals are defined, measurable and attainable. The Graduate School encourages graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to develop personal plans—an Individual Development Plan (IDP)-to improve their core competencies (communication, teaching, scholarly development, professionalism, and career development). This involves three steps: a personal assessment of current skills and strengths, a plan for developing and improving skills oriented toward academic and career goals, and interacting at least annually with mentors to review progress.

There are many different IDP instructions and templates. The FSU Individual Development Plan is a fillable PDF so that students/scholars can save a new version when they revise their goals. The IDP includes instructions and a template that are designed for Florida State University graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, with a focus on the five core competencies: Communication, Teaching, Scholarly Development (advanced knowledge and skills), Professionalism (leadership, scholarly integrity, transferable skills), and Career Development. The Graduate School’s professional development workshops are also designed to provide training in one or more of the five core competencies and at several stages of studies/training (early, mid-stage, late, or all stages).

Some departments and programs may use different instructions or templates so it is important to use the correct documents before starting this process. The fillable IDP, a Matrix of Professional Development Opportunities, Competencies, & Stages, and a Catalog of Recurring Professional Development Opportunities are below.

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