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Professional and personal development skills

Welcome to Personal and Professional Development at UCL

Starting University

Learning is Personal

University is a time for you to explore your interests and develop into the person you want to be. Your individual learning journey will be unique and the experience and outcome of university life will depend very much on how actively you engage with the opportunities that you encounter along the way.

Personal and Professional Development (PPD) for You

Opportunities to learn and develop are everywhere, but you must seize the day and engage with them pro-actively. Though grades are likely to loom large in your thinking, a good degree is unlikely to be all you want to achieve whilst at university. Don't let your efforts to achieve your other priorities be sidetracked by the urgency of course deadlines - personal and professional development takes time. That is why the PPD resources have been made available to you now, so that you can make them an integral part of your learning and development throughout your degree.

Your Personal Tutor

Although it is your ultimate responsibility to think about your personal and professional development, your Personal Tutor will be able to offer face-to-face guidance and support, especially in the early stages of your learning journey. Your development plans and progress, submitted via Portico, form a substantive agenda item for your personal tutorials.

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