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Promote personal and professional development

Ways to Promote Professional Development in the Workplace

Leaders model commitment to professional development at work.Leaders model commitment to professional development at work.

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Attracting and keeping engaged and loyal employees is crucial to the success of a business. High staff turnover disrupts production and impacts the profitability of a company. A great way to retain staff and nurture employee skills is to consistently and actively promote professional development activities. Encouraging professional growth shows your team you care about their progress and their future, and it inspires loyalty in employees.

Support and Model Behavior

Supervisors and workplace leaders serve as role models to employees in a workplace. Take an active role in your own professional development activities and let staff know you value these opportunities to further your career. Show interest in the progress of each employee participating in online courses or special projects, and share their successes at staff or sales meetings. Encourage employee enrollment in professional associations or organizations by your own participation.

Cross-Training Work Assignments

On-the-job training is a traditional and effective method of encouraging professional development at work. Once an employee masters the tasks required in her role, offer opportunities to learn skills of complementary positions. Cross-training engages employees and shows them you value their work enough to give them other opportunities. Developing employees to perform a variety of roles also makes good business sense, because it helps avoid hiring temporary staff to cover absences due to vacation or sick days.

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Access to Resources

Offer professional development opportunities to your staff with a variety of resources. Build a DVD or online video library of training material and tutorials. Arrange on-site workshops or seminars. Host lunch-and-learns with guest speakers on current issues and new developments in your field. Coordinate and take part in informal or formal mentoring and peer-coaching relationships between staff members. Assist interested employees in accessing other resource material to further their professional and career development.

Coaching and Development

Create a customized development plan with each employee to support professional development during performance planning. Ask each member of your team to identify at least one skill or area they would like to work on. Staff members and supervisors can work together to identify suitable opportunities and a timeline for completion. Schedule regular coaching or mentoring sessions to discuss progress and allow the employee to ask questions.

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