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First Year Psychology books

Posted on February 15, 2016 – 01:42 am

Dr Wendy Phillips

First Year Psychology

There's never been a better time to study Psychology . . .
Employment opportunities for psychologists have never been more abundant. There are also many opportunities to pursue postgraduate study by research or clinical training.

There's never been a better place than at UNE . . .
Study on campus or from home. We have an enviable reputation for excellence in distance education. First year psychology units have NO intensive (residential) school requirement, and unit content has been enhanced with online learning resources, assessment tasks and opportunities to participate in research studies. Podcasts of lectures are available online. Our first year in psychology has never been more student-friendly.

PSYC101 and PSYC102 . . .
Our introductory units are designed to provide you with an overview of contemporary psychology, and represent the starting point for a psychology major that is fully accredited by the Australian Psychological Society. Many of the individual topic modules covered in these units are offered as entire units in the second and third years of your psychology studies. So, in a sense, these units provide a taste of things to come.

Our first year in Psychology will . . .

  • present an introductory overview of contemporary psychology, drawing on all forms of psychological theory and practice;
  • develop your understanding of the methods of psychological investigation through presentation of published work by psychologists, participation in laboratory exercises, and written assignments;
  • provide a grounding in research design and statistics so that you can read psychological research literature critically and independently;
  • develop your appreciation of research and theoretical issues, and provide skills to scrutinise research evidence and to present your conclusions clearly and concisely.

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