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Video Games Psychology books

Three Books on the Psychology of Video Games

proteus_paradoxI’m working on my own book about the psychology of video games, and in the process I’ve come across some others that touch on a lot of the same topics. Let me be honest: once my book is out, I’ll shamelessly promote it as the super best, most awesome thing to read about the topic. (Have you signed up for my book progress newsletter yet?) But in the meantime, I thought I’d highlight three other good reads in descending order of publication date.

Ever wondered how the appearance of the avatar you use while playing games affects you or other players? Or how the biases, assumptions, and world views you bring with you affect what you have your avatar do? The eponymous paradox that Nick Yee explores is how this connection flows both ways. Yee, now a researcher at Ubisoft, spent years doing research on MMO players. This book draws deeply from his well of quotations, surveys, and interviews with gamers in that genre, as well as some of the very cool research he did in the virtual reality labs of Stanford University.hooked The book represents the culmination of Yee’s understanding about how avatars in MMOs and virtual affect and are affected by us. There are chapters on superstitions in games, how real-world habits subtly affect our behavior online, romances born out of MMO guild raids, how our attitudes towards (supposedly) Chinese gold farmers drive race relations in games, and how our avatar’s appearance affects our state of mind. The book is almost exclusively about MMOs, but I found that many of the lessons can easily apply to other genres of games.

Okay, this one is kind of a cheat since Hooked isn’t necessarily about video games. More generally it presents a model of habit formation and discusses how to use that model to create habit-forming products of all kinds. But the authors do repeatedly discuss how this applies to games, including mobile games and web games, as well as tools that we all use like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and the like. And it’s not as nefarious as it sounds. Eyal and Hoover do a good job of explaining the basic psychology behind habit formation and how the features of these products and games hook into that cycle of trigger, action, reward, and investment. It’s easy to see how each of these steps applies to at least some video games –especially mobile games that are meant to be played in short, frequent bursts. It’s full of observations that make you say “oh, yeah, that makes sense…” It’s also a short read that can easily be gotten through while on a flight or sitting around the pool. If that matters.

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What would you prefer books or Video games?

Id prefer games and books. They are both fun but i think games are better. Its awesome. Books are good when you have absolutely nothing to do. Okay. Bye.

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